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Sig Sauer Sponsored Instructor


The Richardson Shooting Method ™️


These programs consist of practical shooting courses of fire designed to accelerate a students learning process and encourage continuous skill development. 



The Richardson Shooting method is accuracy based, Shot placement is crucial in the real world, make every round count! You may not get a second chance. 



These courses balance marksmanship/speed and problem solving. All these drills are designed to be challenging, but also designed to show students areas they can improve on while re enforcing the fundamentals of pistol shooting. 



The Richardson Shooting Method evolves & adjusts based on the class skill level overall. Don’t be intimidated to come to the range, these programs are built to help you become more comfortable, capable & confident in your abilities as a shooter. 


Daniel Richardson is one of the Premier firearms trainers in NC, he specializes in Defensive Marksmanship training. He teaches performance based training programs, that move at the pace of each individual student to allow faster forms of learning to occur. Daniel has trained military, law enforcement and civilians in his 10+ year career as a firearms instructor. He has developed curriculum for numerous academies and has trained local firearms instructors in both North and South Carolina. Daniel will make you a better shooter regardless of skill level, come train with Daniel today. You’ll be glad you did!

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